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Ghost Lover: Chapter Six

Pickle was in bed with Corey when she woke up Monday morning. Corey stretched and giggled because her mother had forgotten to nag her to put the cat out. It was at best imperfectly litter trained, with a fondness for leaving deposits in the bathtub.

“Are you feeling better?” the cat asked.

“Better? I feel […]

knitting recovery

It looks like I’m going to run out of yarn before I finish Oz’s sweater. I think I might have lost a skein of yarn somewhere, maybe in the airport when I went to Philadelphia. I think it’s also a little too short.

Luckily, Oz had wanted a red and black sweater, so adding a […]

500 crickets

500 crickets in your bedroom make a really splendid sound. There’s the chirping of course, but there’s also a sh-sh-sh sound that they make when they swarm around. Unfortunately, they are not a pretty sight. I’ve gotten used to it, but I squealed the first time I saw all of those legs surging out of […]


I haven’t worked in my garden much lately because my back has been bothering me. I hope I get out next week, though. I was looking at all that ivy again. It’s pretty interesting when it comes down. I have yards and yards of heavy vine. It seems like something interesting could be done with […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Five

Corey’s abdomen stayed the same size after that, no bigger but no smaller either. The shouted slut jokes in the hall slowly changed to fat jokes, and then they died away too. The students and teachers all had their own way of discussing pregnant students. They didn’t know what to say about Corey. The consensus […]

Comments… Sigh

I’ve had several people write me and say that they were unable to leave a comment on the page. However, test comments left by me and others have worked. So I think I’ve figured it out. There is some fiendishly clever filter out there so only test comments are allowed and meaningful comments are not.

Private Acts by Robert Pope

The book that I’m currently reading (see sidebar) was written by my creative writing professor at the University of Akron, Robert Pope. An early draft of Ghost Lover was my senior honor’s project. At the time, it was a novelette, as he thought that I should strip out subplots and concentrate on the main story. […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Four

Her mother held her hand nervously in the doctor’s office. Corey snatched it away at first, but her mother would absent-mindedly grab it back a few seconds later. Finally, Corey sat still and let her.

She had been afraid that the other people in the office would stare, but no one noticed her. She wore […]

Witches and places

“Witches take their names from places, for places are what give them their strength. The place need not be beautiful, or habitable, or even green. Sand and salt, so much the better. Scrub pine, plumberry, and brambles, better still. From every bitter thing, after all, something hardy will surely grow. From every difficulty, the seed […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Three

Corey started school two weeks later with elastic loops sewn around the buttons in her pants so she could close them. She wore long t-shirts so no one would notice. At first, no one noticed anything except her expanding bustline.

Then the elastic loops grew tighter until they snapped, one day in Pre-Algebra when Doug […]