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Recently, the gardening question of the day at Old Farmer’s Almanac asked how to remove spiderwort before it took over. The answer was that spiderwort was a “stately perennial”, so he must mean some other plant. Heh. Heh heh heh. Noxious weed or stately perennial? Boy oh boy, if someone figures that one out be […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Nine

That afternoon when she came back home from school, she saw the beautiful car in the driveway again.

“Uh, hello?” she called when she walked in the door, not sure if it was safe to call her mother “Mom” yet.

“Hi, Sis,” her mother yelled from the kitchen. “Ah, we have company for dinner […]

yay class

I finished my class today. It was an 85% on the final, so unless I’m missing something it will be a 93% for the class.

A lot of people ask me if the online phd is worth while. On the whole, I say yes. It works best if you are mature, have experience in your […]

Excused Absence

It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve had a sinus infection that made me lose the will to live. Two weeks ago I was home sick in bed and so I managed to stay awake long enough to find the appropriate chapter from Ghost Lover and put it up. After that however, I started […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Eight

Luckily, Jeff came over that night to study. They called it studying, but the plan called for three hours of giggling, squealing, and libeling acquaintances. The class was history, the test was Monday, and neither of them cared if they passed or flunked. Unfortunately, Jeff’s mother could add, and knew he needed a B to […]

Ripping out rows

Sigh. I was almost done with the last sleeve for my son’s sweater, but then I realized that it was going to be lopsided. The contrast color section on the last sleeve was going to be way bigger than on the first sleeve. So, I had to rip out enough of the first sleeve to […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Seven

“So,” Pickle said. “When the space ship comes, will you take me?”

“Shut up,” Corey said. “Just shut up. I don’t want to hear it.”


Blueberry Equations

How long before $60 worth of blueberry plants pay for themselves? Next time I’m in the grocery store I will have to pay attention to the price of blueberries. Of course, I will also need to factor in the pleasure of picking them and eating them there fresh, or having (I hope!) so many blueberries […]

Capitalists in the Garden


I was trying to plant as many of my purchases as quickly as possible when my 6 year old son came out to join me. I’d been trying to get him outside all day. He’d refused to go to the garden center with me.

“I bet it’s worth a dollar if I chopped down […]

Consumer or Maker

This weekend I went to Mahoney’s Garden Center. This isn’t the best garden center in the area — others are cheaper and have better plants. But it is the most inspirational one. I am always happy when I am there. Just breathing is an act of sheer joy. If I ever have a million dollars […]