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Surprise white rose


This is one of the cool things about my ancient perennial garden. I have lived in this house for FIVE YEARS, and I had no idea that this rose bush was here. I walked back into the garden and said holy shit, what is that and how did it get here? It’s in the […]

Painting the dining room

On Memorial Day 2004, my mother-in-law took my little guy for an overnight. I had been thinking that I didn’t like the dingy gray-white walls throughout my house and so I wanted to paint something a little more colorful. This was going to be the base coat for some murals. The dining room was going […]

Plans for Ghost Lover


Now that I have finished uploading all the chapters of Ghost Lover, I am planning on making it available through one of the print on demand places for those of you who would like to have a copy. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress on this. My daughter and cat posed […]

Next knitting project

Finally, on to the baby sweater. I wonder if there is a chance that I can finish it in time for the christening this weekend? That would be a miracle, wouldn’t it?


This is Fable cotton/silk yarn, and I really like how it feels working with it. The pattern is an open star pattern […]

Book Review: Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman

Wow, what an incredible beautiful book. I am speechless.

Recently, I went on a quest to discover new music because I think that listening to the same music since high school is a sign of stagnation. But while I’ve always read new books and new types of books, I’ve had the same favorites since high […]

Which century is this again?

Our car and our TV both died at the same time.

I was pretty happy going from two cars to one. However, having no car at all is a pain in the ass. It’s OK for a weekend — we managed to walk to the pool and to the movie theater so what more could […]

Happy happy joy joy

I miss not having a chapter of Ghost Lover to upload since I finished it last week, but I do have other writing news to share. An agent has responded to a query for Eldest Daughter asking to see more. After 30 form rejections, I was getting antsy. This is a very preliminary first step, […]


I probably shouldn’t have been so amused to see this guy in my garden — slugs are usually nasty pests — but come on, he’s got both spots AND stripes. And he was totally enormous. How could I not be impressed with him?


Final Chapter: Ghost Lover

“Oh Mom, I thought he told you to drop dead and never even think of him again,” Corey groaned.

Ann shrugged. “He changed his mind. And you know, I think it was really nice of him to give you fifty dollars for the vet bill. He barely even knew you and he didn’t have to […]

Finally finished the sweater.

[thumb:36:c] (Click on any of the pictures to see bigger ones.) I started this sweater back in October or November. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. I guess it could be for next year. Thank goodness I made it large. It’s a size 8, so it should hold him for a while. The […]