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Draft Cover


I dunno, this is just what I wanted, but now that I see it I’m afraid that it looks like every other teen novel on the planet. Any comments?

POD update

I spent the weekend doing the Ghost Lover layout in preparation for putting it up on Lulu. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any layout, and I had two or three false starts where I screwed things up to the point that I had to delete it and start over. Still, I think […]

some pix of the finished living room


Here is the (almost) finished dining room. Doesn’t look half bad, but whew, what a fuzzy picture.

new doll


It’s been a long time since I finished a doll. With the paperclay (and rough surfaces!) I can work in small stages so five to ten minutes at a time can eventually produce something. This doll is based on a caryatid, an architectural column carved in the form of a human figure. The armature […]


I hadn’t submitted a story since 1998. I thought that I had about a dozen or so stories that I deemed worth publication. When I re-read them all, there were only about four that still held up in my eyes, or that even potentially held up. So last night, I polished up one of the […]

Mud Pies

I had no idea that I looked so weird until I saw this picture. [image:53:c]

There is a reason that I’m sitting on the ground making mud pies, I swear that there is. You see, a while back I had the brilliant idea that I would use aquarium gravel as garden mulch. I had this […]


I learned something neat today… monarch butterflies live on milkweed. Furthermore, people purposefully plant milkweeds to encourage monarchs. Furthermore, there are some darned nice milkweed seeds out there sold commercially. Who knew? I’ve always loved milkweed because I love the silk in the pods, but I’ve tried to pull it up in my yard because […]

More on weeding and priorities

The previous two posts were a long winded way to say that I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from school to spend more time on my other projects.

Another priority setting technique that I found was to consider the options in pairs. Would you rather have A or B? Would you rather […]

priority setting

I talked in the last post about how the tool used effort and impact as the two variables used to set priorities. This didn’t entirely work for me. For one thing, while I can’t say that knitting has an impact on my life (I have no ambition knitting-wise, not like writing or dollmaking) it’s […]

Weeding My Life

Lately, my life looks like my garden: overgrown. I know that I say in my sidebar that I don’t want to set priorities and focus on one project to the exclusion of another, but it’s gotten out of hand. When I started listing out all of the projects that I want to work on, I […]