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Good news or bad news

Well poo. I just bought Barbara Sher’s book Wishcraft and then discovered that it is available for free on the web at I’m disappointed because I would have bought her newer book if I’d known this one was available for free. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to like Wishcraft or not — […]

Book Review: Black Juice

Nah, this isn’t a book review. I’ll just squeal like a fan girl. I want to stop total strangers on the street and make them read this book. I want to get a soap box in Harvard Square and read this book out loud.

Part of what’s cool about it is that the author seems […]

Grape Jelly

Our house smells like grapes right now. I don’t know what kind they are — they have a full taste like Concord grapes, but they are green when ripe. It’s been a mixed year in the garden with the enormous amount of rain we had, but we’ve picked pounds of grapes. As I chop the […]

Book Review: On Becoming an Artist


When reading a book on this topic, I want to come away feeling energized and inspired. Instead, I felt that there were a whole lot of words.

doll begun

I promised my friend Greta that I would make a doll for an exhibit that she is organizing at her library. I finally got it started. The exhibit is for storybook dolls, something that’s been successful at other libraries. My choice was Freyja from the D’Aulaires book of Norse Gods and Giants, which was one […]

2D mice

I just noticed that my socks don’t match today. Yay for looking like a fool.

No, the two dimensional mouse is not Mickey. One of the cats killed a mouse yesterday and left it on the kitchen floor. No one noticed until it had been stepped on. Multiple times. That was one flat mouse. Eeeeuuuuwww. […]

Review for Mind Performance Hacks


I admit, I originally bought this book because I know the author. He was a friend of my husband’s, lived down the street from us, and hung out with my writing group. This is a picture of him dressed as a monk at my wedding. I loved the flash of light there. In my […]


Can you believe that I got a 100 on that paper? I’m a bit upset because I don’t think that I deserved it. I give myself an 85, tops. I should have gotten a gentleman’s B in that class, and she gave me an A.

Sigh. September without being in school. It feels wrong […]