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These are some examples that I did for a clay project with the Sunday School class that I am teaching. I wanted to make sure that this would work, so I practiced with my son the day before. I was so busy with the kids on Sunday that I didn’t get to take pictures […]

Book review catch up

I don’t plan on reviewing EVERY book that I read, just the ones that I have something to say about, whether positive or bitchy. I’ve recently finished Wishcraft and Yes, Your Teen is Crazy. Wishcraft is available for free online — it would be well worth reading online. It had some fun and useful exercises, […]

My doll is legal!

I was sorely tempted to skip asking for permission to make the Freyja doll based on the D’Aulaire Norse Mythology book. The book is as old as I am and I know that the authors are long dead and I felt pretty comfortable that no one was going to care that I made a small […]

Much progress, little posting

I’ve been making terrific progress on my storybook doll, my baby sweater, writing, getting the garden ready for fall, and my indoor garden. However, I haven’t had the energy to get my pictures uploaded. Hopefully, I’ll get some pix up this weekend and can update the work that I’ve done.