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Not Too Short Again…

I’ve been writing happily on a second novel while I am trying to sell the first one. It’s going pretty well. However, I just looked down at my outline (18 proposed chapters) and realized that I am a third of the way through it. It’s about 12K words. So that means… an estimated 36K words […]

Freyja is finished!

She’s a little late, but not too bad. She will be in Bethlehem CT for this weekend when everyone is in town for Christmas. When I put it all together, the balance was wrong, so I needed to build up the bottom of the chariot so it would stand right. There are a lot of […]

Getting really close

My Freyja doll is nearing completion. Freyja herself is just about done. Her jewelry isn’t on yet in this picture as the glue was still drying. I thought that the chariot was done, but now I see a big huge glaring asymmetry where I started to sculpt something on one side and then didn’t on […]

Online writing group

I just discovered an online writing/critiquing group that I like very much. It is called Critique Circle ( It rewards critiquing much faster than Critters so you can upload more stories faster. It also encourages long-term relationships with other members by reminding you to pay back people who have been helpful to you. When someone […]

Post-halloween description

Too much sugar. Not enough chocolate.

We did have cool costumes this year, honest

This is the first year in ages that I dressed up, although I didn’t feel up to finishing the silly costume that I had in mind. I was going to be a frog. I went to the church parade with it half finished. Alice was a slutty J-pop singer. Apparently at the high school, there […]


I have been struggling with a sense of unreality this week. Last week, I had two emails in my inbox with the subject “Sad news.” The first one was expected, the death of a good friend’s father. I assumed at first that the second message was related to the first, because how often could you […]