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Black Ribbon on Podcastle

The audio reading of my story Black Ribbon is now up on Podcastle.  It gave me goose bumps to hear it.  I love the reader’s voice.  I wrote this about 18 years ago, and I was happy that I still liked the story when I heard it.  It’s, um, taking a beating in the comments and forum.  It’s a really weird feeling to read all these people saying how wretched the story was… it’s not entirely unpleasant.  Am I that hard up for attention?  Maybe that’s what child psychologists mean when they talk about negative attention providing perverse reinforcement.  It’s kind of neat to get the readers reaction immediately, even when reaction isn’t good.  To my mind, the story holds up well.  Anyway, gorgeous reading, well produced, and in my humble opinion, a great story.

You can hear it at podcastle.

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