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Solemn vows

These are not early New Year’s resolutions.  For one thing, they are solemn vows and not resolutions, and for another, I made them quite a while ago.

The underlying theme in all of these is trying to attack the stuff-ism, borderline hoarding disorder, chaotic over-burdening, over-scheduling, and over-spending in my life.

About last March, I vowed to buy no clothes for a year.  Preferably, nothing for the whole family, although I would buy stuff that the kids’ needed.  I took Alice to Goodwill for back to school shoppping for a few pairs of jeans– Oz still has tons of clothes he’s barely worn.  Also, I did buy a couple of exercise outfits when I joined a gym because I didn’t have much at all that I could wear.  Other than that, I’ve kept this vow.  I am debating whether boots count.  I’d like a new pair of boots.  And when March comes, I will be delighted to get a new pair of jeans as Alice borrowed my only good pair and spilled paint on them.  I’m pretty proud of myself for pulling this off.  I’ve got a bunch of things cut out down in the sewing room to round out what we need now.

I’ve also been pretty horrified at the size of my stash lately.  Everyone talks about ginormous stashes as if it’s good and kind of funny, but you know, it’s just not.  I have several family members with OCD, and it ain’t pretty.  Also, when there’s too much, there’s too much to take care of and the treasures wind up with mold or worms or other nasty things happening to them, and that’s just heart breaking.  So two new vows.  I won’t buy any fabric until I’ve sewn ten objects; I won’t buy new yarn until I’ve knitted ten projects, and I won’t buy materials for new crafts or techniques until I’ve cleared some of the old ideas off my plate.  I’m doing well on the yarn.  The sewing has been a little harder.  I made three things, and then broke down and bought a big batch of new fabric.  So now I need to finish 17 before I buy any more fabric.  And yes, I can easily make 17 outfits with fabric in my basement, easily.  And there’s so much left over that I will probably make myself finish another ten things before I buy something else.

I’ve got one knitting project down, one misc craft project, and five sewing projects completed.  My goal is to complete the goal by July, when I made the project vows.  We’ll see how it goes.

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