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Nanowrimo update

You know what I hate the most about nanowrimo (national novel writing month)?  The fact that I could write 15K words, have 8 chapters on a new novel that is looking pretty decent to me, and somehow, this is considered a fail.  OK, I do understand the concept of setting this high bar so you write without your normal internal editor and restrictions, but I am still delighted that I got such a good start on a new draft.  I suggested to Alice that we stretch this out a bit, continue to compete with each other, and try to get to 50K words this winter and a complete draft by the summer.  We shook on it.

Oh, and by the way Alice?  PWN!  I clobbered your sarcastic teenage ass.  To the tune of EIGHT TIMES as long as yours.  And all you could say about it was that my wardrobe has a “compost heap” theme going.  Yep, lose the contest, so insult the clothes.

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