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Er, I think I bought some more fabric

I’ve been doing really well with my not-buying vow for the yarn, clothing, and the other art supplies.  I’ve been working steadily and not buying stuff.  But, er, e-quilter had a 60% off sale, and some of the fabric that’s been in my wish list for ages was on it, so, well, I guess I might have bought it.  So now I have to make 27 sewn projects before I’m allowed to buy fabric.

With all my christmas knitting, I’m down to six more projects before I will allow myself to buy yarn.  Man, I’ve got the Noro I’m going to buy all picked out.  Plus some other things.  I’ve got one project on the needles and a couple more ready to go.

I exhibited at the art show at Arisia, a Boston SF con.  I took the week off work and made as much stuff as fast as I could.  It was a great week, and I sold three things at the show so I’m pleased.  The show was kind of slow, so I was even happier to have sold something.

I’m working on getting all the pictures of my work up… I’m going to start posting tonight, and then schedule to posts to go up once a day until I get everything done.  This should keep the blog lively for a quite some time.

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