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Draft Cover


I dunno, this is just what I wanted, but now that I see it I’m afraid that it looks like every other teen novel on the planet. Any comments?

POD update

I spent the weekend doing the Ghost Lover layout in preparation for putting it up on Lulu. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any layout, and I had two or three false starts where I screwed things up to the point that I had to delete it and start over. Still, I think […]

Plans for Ghost Lover


Now that I have finished uploading all the chapters of Ghost Lover, I am planning on making it available through one of the print on demand places for those of you who would like to have a copy. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress on this. My daughter and cat posed […]

Final Chapter: Ghost Lover

“Oh Mom, I thought he told you to drop dead and never even think of him again,” Corey groaned.

Ann shrugged. “He changed his mind. And you know, I think it was really nice of him to give you fifty dollars for the vet bill. He barely even knew you and he didn’t have to […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Ten

Corey was so relieved when they pulled up at the animal hospital that it had never occurred to her to worry if the vet might be able to save Pickle or not. It wasn’t until the receptionist came over to hold her hand a half hour after Pickle disappeared into the back room that she […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Nine

That afternoon when she came back home from school, she saw the beautiful car in the driveway again.

“Uh, hello?” she called when she walked in the door, not sure if it was safe to call her mother “Mom” yet.

“Hi, Sis,” her mother yelled from the kitchen. “Ah, we have company for dinner […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Eight

Luckily, Jeff came over that night to study. They called it studying, but the plan called for three hours of giggling, squealing, and libeling acquaintances. The class was history, the test was Monday, and neither of them cared if they passed or flunked. Unfortunately, Jeff’s mother could add, and knew he needed a B to […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Seven

“So,” Pickle said. “When the space ship comes, will you take me?”

“Shut up,” Corey said. “Just shut up. I don’t want to hear it.”


Ghost Lover: Chapter Six

Pickle was in bed with Corey when she woke up Monday morning. Corey stretched and giggled because her mother had forgotten to nag her to put the cat out. It was at best imperfectly litter trained, with a fondness for leaving deposits in the bathtub.

“Are you feeling better?” the cat asked.

“Better? I feel […]

Ghost Lover: Chapter Five

Corey’s abdomen stayed the same size after that, no bigger but no smaller either. The shouted slut jokes in the hall slowly changed to fat jokes, and then they died away too. The students and teachers all had their own way of discussing pregnant students. They didn’t know what to say about Corey. The consensus […]