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Sleeping with the DM

I have teased Alice for ages that I was going to do a shirt like this;  for some reason I finally did it. Alice can’t be the only geek-girl (or geek boy) that could use this.

Should I do a G rated version that says “dating the DM?” Alice is slightly less likely to kill me for that one.


There'a a logical explanation

If anyone is wondering why I listened to the hamster dance a dozen times in a row, it’s because I was making the soundtrack for our masquerade entry.  Honest.  Here’s proof.

Back again

I’m not sure why the blog broke, and I’m not sure why it’s now fixed.  Hopefully, it will stay up for a while and I can manage to get it updated somewhat.

Hmm, consistent?

It occurred to me if I wanted to be consistent with my other solemn vows, I’d vow not to buy another book until I had read ten.

But that’s obviously taking it too far.

Something that isn’t knit wire

I had intended to make some scarves and hats for the show — I’ve been sketching out embroidered and appliqued patterns for ages.  I forced myself to stop knitting wire for a while to make at least a few scarves.  And don’t you know, I think I could do *this* for hours at a time too.

short fleece scarf
short fleece scarf

These are built on warm green fleece, with vintage buttons from my grandmother’s stash and some embroidery.  They look gray in the pictures, but they are a nice dark green. The one piece of random embroidery has some fabric I bought for mermaid scales on dolls — I’m not sure that it’s the right choice for this.


lace/bead/clock necklace

Like I said, when I got started knitting this stuff, I couldn’t stop.  I’ve been staying up past midnight knitting away.  This one is a longer necklace with a knit copper section, red and brown glass beads, and (the invevitable) clock pieces.

clock necklace
close up clock necklace

And another clock/ribbon necklace

This has just a bit of knit lace and some more clock pieces added to a trim that’s been in my stash for decades.

red clock necklace
red clock necklace closeup
red clock neclace closure

hardware choker

Again, I was thinking steampunk when I made this.  This choker is on a red velvet ribbon, and it has various beads, clock pieces, and weird stuff from the hardware store on it.  The hardware is strung on a copper wire which is sewn onto the ribbon.

hardware choker close up
hardware choker

steampunk silver lace

After spending a little time getting the hang of knitting the wire, and knitting with beads, I started to get more ambitious about the style of knitting.  Here is a knit lace in silver wire on a black velvet ribbon.  The dangles are pieces of old watches that I bought from a retiring watch repairman.

steampunk choker
black velvet/silver lace/clockwork choker

This was intended to show some steampunk inspiration, although I saw such great steampunk pieces at the con last week that I’m not sure that a little velvet and some clockwork is enough to claim the label.  It is however, a damn nice piece of jewelry if I say so myself, and I am loving the lace in silver wire.


wire knitting

I recently learned how to knit with wire.  It’s pretty easy — basically, you take wire, and you knit with it.  It does take some getting used to since wire behaves so differently from yarn.  You have to think more about the individual stitches. Also, it has wreaked havoc with the skin on my fingers.  I’ve got blisters and callouses and torn cuticles and worse than my usual winter dry peeling skin, but I don’t mind.

I’ve been experimenting with this since I learned — different knitting patterns, different wires, different beads, different forms.  I could do it all day.  Most of my projects are the sort that takes months if not years to do — this might be the first time I’ve fallen in love with something I can do fast.

Here are pictures of some of the bracelets I’ve been working on…

silver knit bracelet with ribbon
copper beads
knit wire w.copper glass beads
wire bracelet with pearls
red bead/wire bracelet

Now that I have a little inventory, I think I’ll finally set up an Etsy store.  My name on Etsy is dawnwich if you want to look for me — my name everywhere is dawnwich.