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Book review catch up

I don’t plan on reviewing EVERY book that I read, just the ones that I have something to say about, whether positive or bitchy. I’ve recently finished Wishcraft and Yes, Your Teen is Crazy. Wishcraft is available for free online — it would be well worth reading online. It had some fun and useful exercises, […]

My doll is legal!

I was sorely tempted to skip asking for permission to make the Freyja doll based on the D’Aulaire Norse Mythology book. The book is as old as I am and I know that the authors are long dead and I felt pretty comfortable that no one was going to care that I made a small […]

Good news or bad news

Well poo. I just bought Barbara Sher’s book Wishcraft and then discovered that it is available for free on the web at I’m disappointed because I would have bought her newer book if I’d known this one was available for free. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to like Wishcraft or not — […]

Book Review: Black Juice

Nah, this isn’t a book review. I’ll just squeal like a fan girl. I want to stop total strangers on the street and make them read this book. I want to get a soap box in Harvard Square and read this book out loud.

Part of what’s cool about it is that the author seems […]

Book Review: On Becoming an Artist


When reading a book on this topic, I want to come away feeling energized and inspired. Instead, I felt that there were a whole lot of words.

Review for Mind Performance Hacks


I admit, I originally bought this book because I know the author. He was a friend of my husband’s, lived down the street from us, and hung out with my writing group. This is a picture of him dressed as a monk at my wedding. I loved the flash of light there. In my […]

Book Review: Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman

Wow, what an incredible beautiful book. I am speechless.

Recently, I went on a quest to discover new music because I think that listening to the same music since high school is a sign of stagnation. But while I’ve always read new books and new types of books, I’ve had the same favorites since high […]

Book Review: In the Mind’s Eye

In the Mind’s Eye: Visual Thinkers, Gifted people with Dyslexia and Other Learning Difficulties, Computer Images, and the Ironies of Creativity.

The subtitle ought to be “why not to kill your gifted teenager when they flunk Algebra I.” I think I was hoping more for a book on how not to kill the teenager.

Check […]