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I see that fixing this site isn’t all positive. With the music thingie working properly, it is now announcing to the world that I listened to “Tubular Boobular” three times in a row. Umm… my kids had the laptop?

Well, Crap, Part II

Another dumb little upgrade of the software and now the theme broke. Oh well, I guess the site needed a face lift anyway. I’ll have to tinker with it to get it looking right, but this forced me to upgrade all of my plugins so the little doo-dads along the side are working better than […]

Well, crap

I upgraded the software, and the plugin that I was using to manage the images stopped working. So I guess going forward I will have to use something else. I suppose the safest thing to do is to simply use the basic wordpress features themselves to avoid this from happening in the future. Eventually, I […]


The new job is great, but it’s not leaving me much energy for other things. I finished the baby sweater in time that it still fits the baby, but I gave it to her without getting a picture first, stupidly. I have been bit with the sewing bug again. I made a dress for myself […]

Culinary Masterpiece

Alice, my 15 year old daughter, requested these japanese fish pans for Christmas. It took her some time to figure out how to make these japanese pastries because the instructions and the recipe weren’t in English, but she persevered and worked it out. The pastries were beautiful and tasted wonderful.

Maybe you have to be […]

Happy Solstice

When I was little, we had an artificial Christmas tree. When we first got it, I thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. When we finally got rid of it, when I was a teenager, I thought it was embarrassingly hideous. It looked like the Charlie Brown christmas tree made out of tin foil. […]


I have been struggling with a sense of unreality this week. Last week, I had two emails in my inbox with the subject “Sad news.” The first one was expected, the death of a good friend’s father. I assumed at first that the second message was related to the first, because how often could you […]


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Much progress, little posting

I’ve been making terrific progress on my storybook doll, my baby sweater, writing, getting the garden ready for fall, and my indoor garden. However, I haven’t had the energy to get my pictures uploaded. Hopefully, I’ll get some pix up this weekend and can update the work that I’ve done.

2D mice

I just noticed that my socks don’t match today. Yay for looking like a fool.

No, the two dimensional mouse is not Mickey. One of the cats killed a mouse yesterday and left it on the kitchen floor. No one noticed until it had been stepped on. Multiple times. That was one flat mouse. Eeeeuuuuwww. […]