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Can you believe that I got a 100 on that paper? I’m a bit upset because I don’t think that I deserved it. I give myself an 85, tops. I should have gotten a gentleman’s B in that class, and she gave me an A.

Sigh. September without being in school. It feels wrong […]

More on weeding and priorities

The previous two posts were a long winded way to say that I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from school to spend more time on my other projects.

Another priority setting technique that I found was to consider the options in pairs. Would you rather have A or B? Would you rather […]

yay class

I finished my class today. It was an 85% on the final, so unless I’m missing something it will be a 93% for the class.

A lot of people ask me if the online phd is worth while. On the whole, I say yes. It works best if you are mature, have experience in your […]

Ripping out rows

Sigh. I was almost done with the last sleeve for my son’s sweater, but then I realized that it was going to be lopsided. The contrast color section on the last sleeve was going to be way bigger than on the first sleeve. So, I had to rip out enough of the first sleeve to […]