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garden reduction


I haven’t made a post in a while, so here are some more pictures that I took from the garden reduction project, otherwise known as the great mud pie fiasco. I’ll have pictures of the final results (which look pretty darn good, if I say so myself) this weekend.

Mud Pies

I had no idea that I looked so weird until I saw this picture. [image:53:c]

There is a reason that I’m sitting on the ground making mud pies, I swear that there is. You see, a while back I had the brilliant idea that I would use aquarium gravel as garden mulch. I had this […]


I learned something neat today… monarch butterflies live on milkweed. Furthermore, people purposefully plant milkweeds to encourage monarchs. Furthermore, there are some darned nice milkweed seeds out there sold commercially. Who knew? I’ve always loved milkweed because I love the silk in the pods, but I’ve tried to pull it up in my yard because […]

Surprise white rose


This is one of the cool things about my ancient perennial garden. I have lived in this house for FIVE YEARS, and I had no idea that this rose bush was here. I walked back into the garden and said holy shit, what is that and how did it get here? It’s in the […]


I probably shouldn’t have been so amused to see this guy in my garden — slugs are usually nasty pests — but come on, he’s got both spots AND stripes. And he was totally enormous. How could I not be impressed with him?



Seed starting did not go very well this year. From the seeds that I started early indoors, I wound up with three straggly tomato plants, some violas, and a few of some flower that somehow became separated from its identification so I don’t know what the hell it is. I hope it likes where I […]


My neighbors would be horrified and appalled and deeply amused if they knew I was keeping a gardening (etc.) blog. My garden is such an overgrown mess of god knows what at the moment. I’ve got a lot of nerve to keep a gardening blog when it looks like this. Of course, I do have […]

I hate grass

Grass sucks. I hate grass. I can’t understand why people put so much trouble into stupid, useless, pathetic grass. It’s 100% trouble without any payoff. Eeewwww. So, now that I am going to reduce some of my garden space with something that I want to be mowable, I need to consider groundcovers and alternatives to […]

Here’s the plan…

I finally have the beginnings of a solution for the design problems inherant in my yard. The biggest problem with this yard is that there is a thick hedge of perennials cutting it in half. It probably originated as the border of a garden, but now it’s so big and thick that it restricts my […]


Recently, the gardening question of the day at Old Farmer’s Almanac asked how to remove spiderwort before it took over. The answer was that spiderwort was a “stately perennial”, so he must mean some other plant. Heh. Heh heh heh. Noxious weed or stately perennial? Boy oh boy, if someone figures that one out be […]