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There’a a logical explanation

If anyone is wondering why I listened to the hamster dance a dozen times in a row, it’s because I was making the soundtrack for our masquerade entry. Honest. Here’s proof.

Back again

I’m not sure why the blog broke, and I’m not sure why it’s now fixed. Hopefully, it will stay up for a while and I can manage to get it updated somewhat.

Hmm, consistent?

It occurred to me if I wanted to be consistent with my other solemn vows, I’d vow not to buy another book until I had read ten.

But that’s obviously taking it too far.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favorite day of the year.

We weren’t doing any costume events at work this year, so I picked out the least slutty of my black dresses, my glittery bat earrings, my brightest hair gear, and more make up than I’ve worn the entire year combined. My co-workers keep asking me who I’m […]

Patience and Power Tools

I was very impressed with how my husband included our son in the latest round of house repair projects. I would have freaked out and told him to leave the room — Peter showed him how to change a drill bit and found little safe tasks that he could do so Oz was included without […]

Long time, no see

I have been very busy with things that don’t make good blog fodder, partially because of the lack of photos. I will be switching jobs in another week — looking for work took a lot out of me. I have also been writing an awful lot — it’s been very productive, but working on a […]

Miss Albright, the Sunday School Teacher

My friend Temperance just told me that Bart Simpson’s sunday school teacher is named Miss Albright. This explains a lot. Some of those little boys in my sunday school class are… well, words fail me. Thinking that Bart might be in the class makes a whole lot of sense.

I want to watch one […]

Freyja is finished!

She’s a little late, but not too bad. She will be in Bethlehem CT for this weekend when everyone is in town for Christmas. When I put it all together, the balance was wrong, so I needed to build up the bottom of the chariot so it would stand right. There are a lot of […]

Post-halloween description

Too much sugar. Not enough chocolate.

We did have cool costumes this year, honest

This is the first year in ages that I dressed up, although I didn’t feel up to finishing the silly costume that I had in mind. I was going to be a frog. I went to the church parade with it half finished. Alice was a slutty J-pop singer. Apparently at the high school, there […]