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New Online Class

It took a lot longer than I had anticipated (almost everything does!) but I finally got my ground up fresh installation of my online dollmaking class finished. The thing that was hard was getting all the old users imported, but since I had over 800 registered users I REALLY did not want to lose them. […]

game figures

This is one way to get some time for my projects… my son recently discovered a game called heroscape that he’s become totally obsessed by. It’s played with one inch tall figures. We had the brilliant idea of making our own figures and voila, now my every spare moment is spent with polymer clay again […]

busy busy busy

The number of projects that I have been pursuing lately is large even for me. One of them is administering an online art class by master artist Marlaine Verhelst, Making Animals in Paperclay. Marlaine is a wonderful teacher known for her whimsical creatures. I have more information on my other web site at

The […]

Freyja is finished!

She’s a little late, but not too bad. She will be in Bethlehem CT for this weekend when everyone is in town for Christmas. When I put it all together, the balance was wrong, so I needed to build up the bottom of the chariot so it would stand right. There are a lot of […]

Getting really close

My Freyja doll is nearing completion. Freyja herself is just about done. Her jewelry isn’t on yet in this picture as the glue was still drying. I thought that the chariot was done, but now I see a big huge glaring asymmetry where I started to sculpt something on one side and then didn’t on […]



These are some examples that I did for a clay project with the Sunday School class that I am teaching. I wanted to make sure that this would work, so I practiced with my son the day before. I was so busy with the kids on Sunday that I didn’t get to take pictures […]

My doll is legal!

I was sorely tempted to skip asking for permission to make the Freyja doll based on the D’Aulaire Norse Mythology book. The book is as old as I am and I know that the authors are long dead and I felt pretty comfortable that no one was going to care that I made a small […]

doll begun

I promised my friend Greta that I would make a doll for an exhibit that she is organizing at her library. I finally got it started. The exhibit is for storybook dolls, something that’s been successful at other libraries. My choice was Freyja from the D’Aulaires book of Norse Gods and Giants, which was one […]

new doll


It’s been a long time since I finished a doll. With the paperclay (and rough surfaces!) I can work in small stages so five to ten minutes at a time can eventually produce something. This doll is based on a caryatid, an architectural column carved in the form of a human figure. The armature […]

Latest Dolls

I’ve posted these on the dollmaking site, but since I hadn’t updated my web page since about 2002/2003, I hadn’t put them up here. So here are some photos to make up for my lameness in updating.