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Sleeping with the DM

I have teased Alice for ages that I was going to do a shirt like this; for some reason I finally did it. Alice can’t be the only geek-girl (or geek boy) that could use this.

Should I do a G rated version that says “dating the DM?” Alice is slightly less likely to kill […]

New Project Announcement

I’ve been working on a big new project for a couple of months now, and now it’s finally ready to be unveiled to the public. It is Polu Texni, a web magazine dedicated to speculative fiction and mixed media arts. You can see it at The first issue has fiction by Adam Rurik and […]

New Online Class

It took a lot longer than I had anticipated (almost everything does!) but I finally got my ground up fresh installation of my online dollmaking class finished. The thing that was hard was getting all the old users imported, but since I had over 800 registered users I REALLY did not want to lose them. […]

busy busy busy

The number of projects that I have been pursuing lately is large even for me. One of them is administering an online art class by master artist Marlaine Verhelst, Making Animals in Paperclay. Marlaine is a wonderful teacher known for her whimsical creatures. I have more information on my other web site at

The […]

More on weeding and priorities

The previous two posts were a long winded way to say that I’ve decided to take a leave of absence from school to spend more time on my other projects.

Another priority setting technique that I found was to consider the options in pairs. Would you rather have A or B? Would you rather […]

priority setting

I talked in the last post about how the tool used effort and impact as the two variables used to set priorities. This didn’t entirely work for me. For one thing, while I can’t say that knitting has an impact on my life (I have no ambition knitting-wise, not like writing or dollmaking) it’s […]

Avesta Blues website fixed

I fixed the web site for my small press publishing company, if anyone was interested in looking at that. I put the old website back up with a few very tiny changes. I changed the publication date for the next two books to “before the apocalypse.” If anyone finds this site who is wondering about […]

Small press

Most of the email that I’ve gotten from the site so far has been (to my surprise) about the small press business. I’ll try to get those links fixed over the weekend. I’ve had a lot of questions about it. (Emails are great, but please remember that comments on my site will make me happy.) […]


I recently finished a novel that I have been working on for 17 years. Right now, I’m looking for an agent, and then I will work on getting it published. It’s kind of scary to be at this stage after 17 years. I’m trying to start work on the next book and it feels like […]