knit wire jewelry

I have hundreds of these pieces! They are fun to make and there are nearly endless combinations. Most of the beads are glass, but I’ve made some with freshwater pearls or semi-precious gemstone beads as well. The wire is usually colored copper because it has the flexibility needed for knitting. I’ve done bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and earrings, although the bracelets are probably the most wearable.

You can also see here some examples of my cameos. These are made out of polymer clay. I’ve done a variety of faces from mythology or folklore and the occasional children’s book. Typically, I will sculpt a face or a small figure, then make a silicone mold, and use multiple color polymer clays to imitate a cameo. As always, combining something traditional like a cameo with unexpected elements like monsters or bats is what appeals to me.


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